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The Crybaby :*( Tour


Brand Identity 

Poster Design



Beginning with one simple poster, I decided to create an entire tour identity around one of my favorite artists; Dijon. The song that inspired me the most was his single 'Crybaby :*('. Immediately, I was drawn to this song not only for the sound, but also because of the emoticon. Dijon's style is hazy folksy R&B, but it is all very angsty and emotional, which I felt was perfectly embodied by the :*( emoticon. Once creating these three posters meant to be pasted in a guerilla marketing format, I knew there was more opportunity to expand his brand into a tour personality. Below you will find swag for the tour such as; hoodies, t-shirts and stickers. 

DIJON Hoodie.png
Dijon T-Shirt.png

Here you can find a hypothetical Snapchat filter for the concert, to be used by patrons of the show.

Created in AR Studio.

Try the filter for yourself here:

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