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Employee Work from Rafi Nova

Collaboration with: Becky Savoia,

Rafi Nova is a small business based in Boston, MA. We began as an accessory company but as the pandemic began, business quickly pivoted to fill the needs of the public; masks. Beginning in May of 2020 Rafi Nova began selling masks, starting with our everyday mask and eventually become recognized by Good Morning America, People Magazine, The Boston Globe, CNN, and many many more. Due to the nature of the business, when I came on as a graphic designer I got to work on many different aspects of the brand. As a designer I worked on; paid social media assets, packaging for products and promotions, in store signage to attract local customers, and even fulfillment.

The Millie Mask

A Campaign in Partnership with Deaf American Actress Millicent Simmonds

Rafi Nova grew in popularity for our patented Smile Mask, a mask with a clear panel in the front in order to aid communication for deaf and hearing impaired individuals. We teamed up with Millie Simmonds to create a custom Smile, and standard, mask with a pattern formed from one of her paintings. I was the lead designer on this project, and was tasked with making the patterns into product, as well as all print and social collateral. Below you can see the banner image used to promote the product on our website.

Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 4.19.42 PM.png
Contactless Ordering Window System

When the local shoppers were seeking out a way to shop our products, I was tasked with figuring out a solution for contact free mask shopping. Here’s the result! I created this display window/shopping system, that is 100% contact free. The customer can shop from outside the store, seeing all of our mask options though the glass with the name and price transposed with the corresponding mask. Once they decide what they are looking for, they simply tell the clerk at the door/window, who can pack the products safely. 

BHBK Lifestyle BLUE.jpg
Be Human Be Kind, The Kindness Campaign

A Campaign in to Promote President Joe Biden's 100 Days of Masks

When Joe Biden was elected into presidency he pledged to make Americans wear a mask for the first 100 days he was in office. This was very important ideal for us as a company as well as spreading positivity, something we found to be missing from the past 4 years. I created the campaign "Be Human. Be Kind." with the idea of shoppers being able to buy a two pack of masks, with the intension of giving one away to someone in their life. I created all mask designs, and brand identity for this campaign, as well as web and print collateral. 

BHBK Stickers.png


Following are assorted advertising for Rafi Nova products. Ads were used on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

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