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Xavier University
Radical Care


Brand Art

Proofs of Concept

Art Direction

We can all be more.

Is it really such a radical idea?

To care more deeply. To challenge more thoroughly. To serve more faithfully. To pursue a more universal good.

In our Ignatian values—in the way we teach and the way we learn—we imbue everything we do with more meaning. We show up more fully for ourselves, our peers, and our communities.

Together, we are greater than the sum of our parts. And when we all come together—fully—we change and are changed.

Proofs of Concept

With an overall emphasis on radical caring, we have built a variety of proofs of concepts surrounding the idea of enabling the student body to make their passions and voices heard. Below you can see everything from on-campus activation of the above brand art to social media distribution of the new brand style. 

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