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Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fan Exclusive Zine




Photo Editing

When tasked with making a fan exclusive zine for a rock band I knew that Red Hot Chili Peppers photos throughout the years would pair well with the Swiss style of bold bright colors, and transparencies. Generally Swiss style, or gestalt, can be described as: crisp, blocky layouts, a minimalist design ethos, and sans serif typefaces. I paired these fundamentals with bold black and white images of rock bad Red Hot Chili Peppers, throughout their many years of producing music. Best stated by Chris Rock, "Their music is so happy, but at the same time it's hardcore. It's hardcore happiness.", I best felt that in order to demonstrate this was by combining happy Swiss modern with their crazy hardcore imagery.  


Every spread is a shoutout for every album produced from 1991 to 2006, within these spreads there is a blurb about the importance of said album. 

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First Spread
Mothers Milk
By the Way
Stadium Arcadium
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