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Gentleman’s High Protein Flour




When analyzing the current flour market I found that all existing branding is chock- full of copy, and the current demographic for flour is bakers, specifically women. I wanted to switch both those tropes of flour branding, by eliminating all the unnecessary copy and branding it towards men.


I did this by using a rustic sans serif font and paired it with typically male-targeted dark colors. The typeface has a texture to the edge, making the paper flour bag feel hand-printed, and industrial. This typeface feels as if it was made on a printing press, giving the user a sense of nostalgia within the brand. All these design choices were in order to appeal to a male shopper. Not only would the brand colors make my branding stand out from the other dull and soft flours, but also it is what a man gravitates towards among the other ‘boring branding’.

Along with this, I wrote my copy to appeal to a man, especially someone who works out and cares about their physique. The baking market is not usually aimed at the health-conscious, and I wanted to face that challenge, and overcome it. Some examples of the language that appeals to weightlifters include, “a flour chock-full with enough gluten to fill a real man's stomach” and “get ready to bulk”.

As a brand mark, to go along with the typographic wordmark, I created a badge that is the Philadelphia keystone combined with a kettlebell. This flour is hypothetically made in Philadelphia, so I wanted to hide another Philadelphia reference within the branding. I also think showing a symbol of working out would be an easy way for the shopper to relate to the product, and then investigate further.

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