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An Art Auction Game

with help from Megan E. Reddicks Pignataro

& Marc Williams

Growing up my family played the Parker Brother's game Masterpiece most Sundays, engaging in fun head-to-head bidding wars. However when playing over the most recent game night, I felt that a large part of that was missing, art history of the paintings we were bidding on. Along with this, the version we played was made in 1974 and its neutral tones are a zeitgeist of that era. I wanted to make the game feel as if you, the player, are at the auction house and living a life of luxury. 

Painting Cards19.jpg
Painting Cards20.jpg
Painting Cards35.jpg
Painting Cards36.jpg

Here are two examples of painting cards used for bidding.  After doing extensive research on art history, I picked 25 paintings I felt had wacky or captivating history behind them, the kind of history that anyone would be interested in knowing about. I then contacted my art history teacher Megan Pignataro, who helped me word the history into layman's terms. 

(Roll over these cards to see their fun fact)

The Painting Cards

Value Cards

Values of painting range from forgery to one million dollars. When clipped to the painting, the simplified logo faces out, and the value is only visible to the owner. Players must use their best poker faces, to now show the other bidders if they receive a painting with high or low value. 

Photoshopped ALLY_Thesis-13.jpg

Box Design

I created this custom made box though a distributor in Vietnam. I designed specks, and though rounds of edits we finalized a custom 2mm rigid high-density paper board box, that can be used as the bank while the players place bids!

Game Pieces

Custom 3-D printed game pieces. Famous sculpture game pieces include (from left):

  • The Thinker, Auguste Rodin

  • Venus de Milo, Alexandros of Antioch

  • LOVE, Robert Indiana

  • Balloon Dog, Jeff Koons

  • The Fountain, Marcel Duchamp

  • Venus of Willendorf

  • Little Dancer of Fourteen Years, Edgar Degas


Dig though this interactive gallery, and find your favorite painting!

Georges Seurat - A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte
Dana Schutz - Open Casket
Pablo Picasso - Guernica
Egon Schiele - Seated Male Nude (Self-Po
Edouard Manet - Olympia
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec - At the Moulin Rouge
John Singer Sargent - Madame X
Edvard Munch - The Scream
Jean-Michel Basquiat - Hollywood African
Frida Kahlo - The Two Fridas
Jackson Pollock - Blue Poles
Henri Matisse - The Joy of Life
Shepard Fairey - HOPE (Obama)
Mark Rothko - Black on Maroon
Edward Hopper - Nighthawks
Kehinde Wiley – Triple Portrait of Charles I
René Magritte - The Treachery of Images (This is Not a Pipe)
Gustav Klimt - Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I
Leonardo da Vinci - Salvator Mundi
Johannes Vermeer - Girl with a Pearl Earring
Han van Meegeren - The Men at Emmaus
Claude Monet - Rouen Cathedral, Full Sunlight
Otto Dix - Portrait of a Prisoner
Rembrandt van Rijn - A Lady and Gentleman in Black
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