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Oop; Craft Soda

Instructor: Caleb Heisey




I wanted to make the cans pop off the shelves. I utilized bright colors for the base of the cans, as well as overlaying with a super vibrant gradient that contrasts the base color. The target audience of this soda is a younger crowd, still avoiding processed high sugar sodas. The bright colors and gradients are aiming to attract shelf shoppers looking  to grab something out of their usual comfort zone. I used only a large soft sans serif, to make it approachable as well. I paired that with a fun, young, wavy font to show the fun side of the brand. 

I used a motif of a circle ‘sticker’ shape, that moves around the can to translate the fact that there is only 100 calories in the soda, without making it the focal point of the branding. The language is playful, and inviting, it is conversational which draws the viewer into the brand to discover it. The main thing we have to overcome when making a main stream soda brand, is getting people to abandon their old faithful soda brand, for a no sugar alternative. I overcame this by highlighting our unique flavors, and flavorful palette using type hierarchy and color.

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